Diablo III – The saga goes on

So, the younglings are back at hacking and slashing through dungeons (and, I’m guessing other places, such as swamps and wherever fantasy medieval style RPG’s take you). They are still in a pantless state – although I have been informed they have some sort of skirts, so I’m guessing, no more exposed buttocks and mooning the rest of the game.

And amongst many, many words of wisdom, I’ve decided that the phrase of the day was “I’ve just stepped on something I shouldn’t have. And it’s not poo.”

As long as these gaming sessions keep providing this sort of entertainment, studying ancient Roman recipes will be a task I will hardly manage to focus my attention on.

Oh, well, back to Apicius’ De re coquinaria, and trying to ignore the brute that’s been menacing the younglings. Bastard!!


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