Sleepy Hollow renewed for 3rd season

I’ve read yesterday that Sleepy Hollow was renewed for a third season. Yay for Ichabod and Abbie!! 😀

Icky and AbbieLove this poster!

Despite its, sometimes, weak streak of episodes on season 2, I really enjoy the show and the chemistry between both main characters. But, don’t worry, as much as I love Crane and Abbie, I’m not one of those fans who wants to see them together. It’s a perfect relationship the way it is, so leave it alone, you writers that are deciding what to do next. Bring up the next Apocalypse, whatever it may be, I don’t care! Just don’t make those two fall in love.

ichabbieThat is enough, fandom! Stop ruining a good thing!

Jenny kind of surprised me, this past season, and I liked it. So, if her presence is going to be a more recurring event, I’m all up for it.

Hawley was also a cool addition to the recurring cast, with his cool “I just came back from an adventure” look. Keep it going!

Ichabod can keep on showing his fabulous hair (I’m betting he has bottles and bottles of L’oréal in his bathroom. Because he’s worth it!) and his angry rants on the world today. I know he’s a genius and has an eidetic memory and all, but it’s that sort of arrogant demeanour that makes him lovable.

And Abbie… Brave little Abbie. Always cool, always in control (even when she’s not), always powerful and gorgeous. I felt like Katrina really kept her in the shadow, on season 2, so I’m hoping I’ll see good old Abbie back on the spotlight, where she belongs.











Katrina… There is only one thing I wish to say about the red-haired witch with dead eyes… Good riddance!!! She sort of started being cool when she began taking hold of her power, but that obsession with Henry… Please! I’ll say it again, good riddance!


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