Once Upon a Time: Islands, time travel and evil witches!

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! You have been warned…








You know those times when a show just annoys you so much you have to take a break from it? Well, that happened to me while watching season 3 of Once Upon a Time, Peter Pan’s island was just so, so boring. 12 episodes, just lost on an island, without a plan! Between that, all the drama with the Charmings and the Neal-Emma-Hook love triangle I just had to stop watching for a while.

But then I thought “eh, might as well watch the rest of it!” and I’m glad I did ´cause it got so much better! (I also discovered that I was like, two episodes away from what I wanted: getting off that darned island!)

But for the sake of this post not being super long I’m just gonna tell you what I liked most:

For starters we get some new additions to the Charming family, they are both evil and one of them is green

Family reunions must be... interesting
Family reunions must be… interesting

Emma’s continuously ignoring the devilishly handsome pirate until the last episode.

Her mad dash to make her parents meet (time traveling spells were involved) after she accidentally broke a branch and ruined everything.

Rumpelstiltskin proposing to Belle by giving her a magical dagger (’cause rings are so totally overrated!).

And Belle not being half as annoying as I remember her!

And those were just some of my favorite parts.

And did I mention Elsa appeared on the last episode?

let it go and all that!
let it go and all that!

Sure the season didn’t start at its best and took a while to get better but I think the fact that Emma dated a flying monkey named Walsh kind of compensates for that terrible island. And as Belle said: “the best teacup might be chipped”

On to season 4!


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