All cool villains have their own sound effects!

(Some spoilers for Arrow season 2, you have been warned!)

So we all know that weird trick Superman does (Glasses on=Clark Kent. Glasses off=Superman)  well it apparently works for villains too!

In season 2 of Arrow we are introduced a new super villain named Deathstroke. His real name is (spoilers) Slade Wilson, the cool guy who helped Oliver when he was stranded on the Island.

I dare you to make a BBQ joke!
I dare you to make a BBQ joke!

Well, he comes back with a vengeance! (and he turns all villan-y and stuff)

Now let’s jump right into the important question: How hard is it to piece together that that one guy with the thick Australian accent and one eye who’s been killing and kidnapping people…

This guy
This guy

…Is in fact the Australian millionaire with an eye-patch!?!

Totally not the other guy!
I’m totally not the guy in the mask!

I mean, how many Australians are there in Starling? How many wear eye-patches? How many of those have their own dramatic sound effects every time they walk into a room?!?

Is the Starling City police even trying? Answer: no, they have a vigilante, he solves stuff for them!


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