Ezio, it’s a-me, Mario!

Some of you might disagree on this but, for me, the greatest assassin from the whole Assassin’s Creed saga is Ezio (and I say this without knowing Arno).

Altaïr might be the most badass of them all, I concede that. But for the rest of them… Connor is kind of “meh”, Edward Kenway is cool but he is not a true Assassin (not in my humble opinion, at least) and Shay Patrick Cormack… Well, I won’t even start talking – he’s a cool guy, if you forget about Lisbon, but no spoilers here.

Besides, Ezio is an Italian, living in the Renaissance era. For someone as in love with the Modern Age and the whole Renaissance movement, being able to see Florence, Rome and Venice, in that era, to walk those streets (or those rooftops)… It’s wonderful!

So, I will leave you with the OST to AC2 and with this little Easter egg:

And now, for the music!

(And, great assassin’s skills aside, Ezio had access to one of the most lethal weapons those games have ever seen: the broom! Such massacres were committed with such a seemingly innocent household item… We miss that broom!)


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