How can they get even creepier??

Ok, I was old for the Teletubbie scene, but if I was young enough to enjoy the show, I would probably take a massive deuce in my kiddie shorts!

I mean, look at this:

To begin with, why is that devil spawn of a baby infant with the evil eyes in the sun? Is she the sun? Is that crazy world ruled by a nutter of a 6 month old baby? Just look at the kid’s face:

"I'm going to eat those little f**kers alive! Then I'm going to take a poop and take a nap."
“I’m going to eat those little f**kers alive! Then I’m going to take a poop and take a nap.”


And the actual colorful little bears or whatzits?! The purple one (Twinkle, Tinkie or Linkie?), he clearly looks like the bully or floor manager of the joint. And what about those “shower heads” that pop up now and then with announcements? Is it 1984? Is that place some sort of concentration camp run by people underground and the kid in the sun? It creeps me out.

But it’s been cancelled and it can’t get any worse, so great!

Or can it?…

A few weeks ago I saw this:


Good crickets in baskets, Batman!! Who, on God’s green Earth would come up with something like that?!?

And to top it off, they took an amazing song and added it to this horror flick! Damn!!

But wait, there’s more?

Ok… This is freaking me out. It’s like someone back in the 1920’s (or someone filming with a Potato cam) found a hole and dug there way down to the pit’s of Hell and the only thing left of their wretched corpses and souls is the “found footage” (Blair Witch much?) of this danse macabre of the damned. And what’s the story here? Are Twinkleberry and Pipsy stalking BlahBlah? Why?!? All she wants to do is smell flowers and frolick! Leave her alone!!!

Ahem… All we need now is for some blood curdling whispering to…

Oh wait! There it is!

All right, it’s official, I’m peeing my kiddie shorts! I can’t stand whispering in the dark (another story for another time!)!

I’m done!


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