Sweet Mother of Skywalker!

Ok, so I’m not going to pretend to be the greatest expert in Star Wars lore, or even an expert period, but I have to come along and have another geek freak out!

So it seems like Lucasfilms have released another teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens (that’s number VII, for those who are counting). So yeah… SWEET!!!!!

Check it:

Right, so a couple of thoughts come to mind:

1 – SWEET!!

2 – Who is talking? Could it be Luke’s son? Luke himself? I gather he’s in the new episode because we see a guy in a hood touching R2 with a robotic hand. On the other hand (pun intended) he mentions it all in the present tense, so could it really be Luke’s son?

3 – AWESOME (I don’t know if I mentioned how psyched I am 😛 )

4 – It’s the Millennium Falcon!! And that’s Han Solo and Chewie!!! YEAH!!!!

5 – Most definitely a MUCH better teaser trailer!!

6 – Is it Xmas yet?

7 – IS IT XMAS YET?!?!?!

8 – It must be really hot in the Stormtrooper armor, ‘cos that dude’s always sweating! 😀

They’re home! 😀

Phew… Well I guess we’ll have to wait! 😛

“We came to kick ass and chew gum… And we ain’t never had gum!!!”

F – A – N – T – A – S – T – I – C!!! (I don’t know If I’ve mentioned that)

See ya!!


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