A day at the race tracks!

Some time back I’ve told you about the name of our Destiny character, Spinny (spin metal hoarding and spiky hair), all cool and she’s still enjoying her vacations, nothing new there and I’m not here to talk about that.

We’ve picked up Grid: Autosport on the PS3, from all the good reviews and also to give a breath of fresh air from our normal game type this one was chosen! Hurrah! And it even has split screen, an awesome bonus! (and a good way to settle arguments!) The thing is, we did play a lot of racing games (Dirt 1/2/3, Blur, a couple from the Need for Speed series and so on) but it was a long time ago and the steering wheel hasn’t been touched since then…

For our player’s name we’ve chosen Playah Blingz, because reasons!, but soon after this driving simulator reminded me that it takes practice and patience to master something of this sort… I’ve spent the first three or four races doing nothing more than trying to maintain course and spinning out of control the whole time – all that while bravely keeping the last position! AH! not everyone can do that! XPP

The conclusion, our character for Grid will be renamed Spinny for the time being and for obvious reasons and I’ll go cry in the corner in shame for a while! Good night!


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