Our new neighbours

We’re a bunch of softies when it comes to animals. And we say so as proudly as we can.

The four of us manage to have five cats and five dogs. And they can be a handful at times, but we love them more than life itself.

But one day about, roughly, a month ago, there were two new cats roaming about the area surrounding our house. One that was clearly an unfortunate kitty that was born on the street – a gorgeous orange tiger – and another one who we believe once had a home and maybe got lost. We started feeding them and giving them water – how they needed that, poor things – and now they are a regular presence on our rooftop – yes, you read it right. The rooftop’s our meeting point.

This lovely fellow is Agent James. He is certainly not stealthy enough to be a secret agent, but he was elusive as a shadow, in the first few days. We knew he was there, we just couldn’t see the guy.


A beauty that’s been crashing in an abandoned home nearby. We can spot him owning the place like a boss.

I’ll try snapping a few pics our other rooftop neighbour with my potato camera. Agent James can’t be the only one being presented to the interwebs.


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