3..2..1 Go!

A few days have passed since we’ve put our virtual wheels on the racing tracks of Grid: Autosport. Starting as a spinning-on-place super star we’ve now evolved into a somewhat average super star: most of the curves are manageable (even if they aren’t there’s always assisted.. meaning, with a little help from the walls), the car can go straight most of the time and there were even some 1st places!! Hurrah! XDD The game is slowly “opening” to us!

(It will be ours in no time! Wait, wrong game! XP)

There are also a couple of observations that can’t go unsaid. FIrst, our youngest geek is our best driver yet (I feel old as the younger generation surpasses me XP) and second, after her meal’s juice she loses all coordination… don’t know but maybe that juice has fermented or has been spiked! Last, and I think this is common to most of the players out there, competitive gaming brings out our inner redneck because every session is flooded with profanity, blasphemy and a lot of mean comments! Although that is fun as hell!

(Off my racing track you f*** hippie!)


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