Give the man a cookie.. no, two cookies! Forget that, give him the entire box!

Earlier this evening an awesome piece of news has arrived at my work desk! Well, not literally at my desk, I don’t have owls flying around and dropping stuff.. although that would be cool! Except for all the critters corpses and poop.. Well, never mind, I’m getting off the tracks! XP

This is about the Last of Us. Most of us have already played the emotional and amazing roller coaster that game is (and I want to replay it again but, and this is a first, I don’t feel ready yet even after all these months..) and are eagerly waiting for the sequel. There is even a film in the making that, I pray to the gods, they don’t f*** up and for which we’re equally eager to watch!

(screw this and I’m getting El Diablo!!)

Although there are a lot of short fan films around, some bad some so-so (not bashing anyone for the effort but the bar is really high when it comes to this) now, a truly dedicated fan brings us a most welcomed gift to fill the time gap until more content of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us franchise is launched – an adaptation of the whole game to a TV series episodic format! How awesome is that?!

Grant Voegtle, a student whose goal is to make video games, has spent hundreds of hours developing this detailed project that mixes both cut scenes and playthrough in a very good way and has already 6 out of 7 episodes published in his channel. His goals (2 out of 3 here), shown below are good enough reasons for anyone.

“1. Edit and film the playthrough in a way so that non-gamers, or people who are otherwise unable to play the game for any number of reasons, can enjoy watching the game play out as much as players enjoyed playing through it.

2. Give fans of the game a new lens through which to view a game they otherwise know too well. (And for fans who don’t want the movie to be made because it can’t possibly do the game justice in their eyes, this can be an alternative.)”

So, I guess you and I both know what I’m going to do after I’ve published this post! XDD



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