Comic Book Challenge – Update 5, by Mogu Mogu chan

By far, the best I’ve read since Monday:


‘Marvel 1602’, all 8 issues.

I could never expect to find a story that was less than good, coming from Neil Gaiman. And it didn’t disappoint!

Queen Elizabeth I is still reigning over England but, alas, has fallen ill. And not even her physician, Doctor Stephen Strange, can heal her. So, it is only a matter of time before James VI of Scotland takes over England as well.

But, obviously, this is just the starting point for the plot. What we are introduced to is the fact that mutants and heroes appeared about 400 years too soon – for some reason we will not disclose – and, obviously, they are not welcome to a world where the Inquisition is ever present. Besides, and to make matters even worse and grim-looking, there have been a series of weird and abnormal weather phenomena that may or may not indicate the end of the world (which is always a good thing to happen… For the sake of the plot!).

And, to make it all get back on track, we meet our beloved characters: Sir Nicholas Fury, Peter Parquagh, Matthew Murdoch, Carlos Javier, Scotius Somerisle… Pfff… So many to name! And it is fun to get to see how this ‘previous life’ works for them! And how some of them got their powers, as well.

So, recaping, the writing is awesome, the artwork is excellent, this was a great book!

5 out of 5 stars!!



    • Well, I for one haven’t really read many comic books about alternate Marvel universes, but putting that aside, just the fact that all these Marvel characters are so well placed in this 17th century Europe, with all it’s intrigue and political and religious issues, makes the book a really enjoyable read! For instance, the way certain characters are related to groups of the Era, like The Inquisition, for example, is fantastic! You should definitely read it!

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