The update that should’ve been nº3

This update should’ve been published yesterday hadn’t the z’s caught me first… yup, somehow I’ve ended up sleeping 16 hours, I think I’m slowly turning into one of my cats! XP (I think I’m turning japanese feline version!)

Anyway here are my updated reads! from yesterday..


“Dack Fayden barely escapes the Collector’s prison… and now finds himself back on his home plane of Fiora. Forced to confront the destruction of his hometown, Dack relives the painful memories as he seeks clues that will lead him back on the trail of the malevolent Sifa Grent. Dack must find the strength within himself to carry on or his burden of guilt may prove too overwhelming” – from the 2nd issue but covers most of the story

Rating: 6.5/10


“Dack Fayden returns to Ravnica! Dack knows that the malevolent Sifa Grent has something sinister planned for the city of Ravnica, but he must uncover her plot while being pursued by Rakdos cultists and Boros soldiers. Not only that, but someone from Dack’s past may just put an end to the Planeswalker thief!”

Rating: 6.5/10

That was it for yesterday, now I’ll have to try and speed up the pace.


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