Magic ass kicking!

When it comes to card games I must admit that something weird happens to me, I can’t understand or memorize the rules and plays of regular cards no matter how hard I try.. and believe me I’ve tried several times and watched god knows how many hours of friends playing but there is just no way to make it work! On the other hand I’ve got no problem at all with things like magic the gathering and similar stuff even though it’s complexity level is “somewhat” higher.

But being an expensive hobby as it is and not knowing too many people who also play I’ve adopted an easier and more affordable solution in the form of it’s video game on the ps3: Magic the Gathering 2014. A game involves as much luck as strategy and knowledge and today, in a match earlier this morning, I’ve hit the motherload of all of it! XD The result? Some serious ass kicking! I almost felt sorry for the other guy.. just for a second then I proceeded to a little victory dance!

Magic 2014(In case you can’t see the other guy ended with -151 life points! XDD)


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