Being curious is almost a synonym with being an archaeologist. And I am both which, doing the maths, either means I am twice as curious or twice an archaeologist… I can’t really… I’m not very good with maths…

But I am good at researching the past, so yay for me!

And I’m also very fond of the Social History side of things, along with the material culture. So, yeah, studying pots is kind of fun, sometimes, but there is a whole lot more to material culture than shards of ceramics. Like clothing, for example. What did people wear? How did they wear it? How was it made?

The last ‘hows’ spark my curiosity. To a point when I can no longer control myself and I have to dive head on into a session of experimental archaeology!

So, today, part of my afternoon was spent recreating a Saint Birgitta’s cap or coif.

And it has really been an interesting experience so far! I’m halfway through and I’m enjoying the results.

This is the original thing:


and this is the blog where I found a very helpful tutorial. This was a very handy piece of clothing, as it took the hair out of the way, keeping it clean at the same time.

And it was really popular, as it seems. This Birgitta knew what she was doing!

I will post the outcome of my little experiment. By now, I can say that I have only pricked myself with the needle about three times, which is a good average for a working afternoon.

I will keep up those stats, I’m sure!


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