DIY – part 2

So, my coif is done, my fingers are numb are very much pricked, but fortunately whole. If anyone wanted to use that needle for some kind of twisted supernatural-y ritual, they’d have everything they needed…

And now, cap done, I’m moving on to the veil, to go with it. (I thought about doing a wimple as well… But I think it would be somewhat historically inaccurate for the time period I’m going for)

I’m going to make a semi-circular one, but I’m finding it quite difficult to understand the scheme I found here. You see, the radius of the semi-circle is 67cm and the diameter is a mere 50… I think I’ll need to ask Mekime for advice. She’ll know what to do, I’m sure.

And yes, there willll be a ‘pics or it didn’t happen’ moment, when the work is all done.

Meanwhile, and before I can speak to Mekime, I’ll just try and get my head around those measurements…


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