Mogu-Mogu’s Johto journey

Event report to the head of New Bark Town’s Dept. of Justice, by Mochi (New Bark Town’s Dept. of Justice atachée)

Today, my running shoes took me to Ecruteak City. Somewhat of an historical place but I must admit I found the lack of museums and cultural places rather disturbing. The city might have been built yesterday, for all I know.

I found out there was a burned tower, North of the place, and I went there for a little urbex session. The place really is run-down and there are a few fire breathers crashing the place (oh, the irony) but what fuels my report is the presence of that redheaded bastard, Samosa.

The guy not only has the gall of stealing Prof. Elm’s pokemon, he keeps showing up wherever I go. I am starting to think I may have a stalker therefore, I ask New Bark Town’s Dept. of Justice to, somehow, get me some kid of restraining order against the guy. He’s freaking me out!

Anyway, Samosa was in said tower. He challenged me, as I expected he would and… I got my ass kicked… It wasn’t pretty… The last thing I remember was blacking out and waking up to nurse Joy angrily asking me to give her my pokemons. I complied, as any good patient would.

But fear not, dear head of the Dept. of Justice. Being the thick headed trainer that I am, I went back there, penniless and potionless and this time around… I kicked the ginger’s ass!

I must reiterate that you send out your best men to catch this guy. He’s a thief and has an ego the size of Saffron City, in Kanto. In my book, that is a capital offense.

I do hope my report finds you well. I will now carry on with my urbex adventure, hoping both the floor and ceiling won’t collapse and I can leave that tower whole…. The things I do for my town…

Best regards,



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