My pokemon adventure- part 2

Yesterday Kamon arrived at Azalea town, where she discovered a great tragedy: all the town’s slowpokes had been stolen by team rocket!

Naturally Kamon didn’t like these guys’ attitude (I mean, who would ever think of stealing those cute, useless, pink pokemons?!). Worst is, nobody was really trying to stop them! Now, Kamon totally knew what she had to do, putting on her best mean face and metaphorical pair of badass sunglasses, she totally kicked all of team rocket’s butts and rescued the poor slowpokes, like a boss.

But this was just the start! After the awesome rescue mission, Kamon hit the second gym.

After a few runs to the pokecenter and to the pokemart (to get all the antidotes her wallet could buy!) Kamon was finally face to face with the gym leader.

I’ll admit that there was a part of the battle where I thought I was going to lose because all my pokemon (except one who was unfortunately KO) were 3 to 5 levels below the gym leader’s strongest.

But Kamon’s pidgey was strong enough to hold on to just two health points. Just enough for one more attack. And that’s how she got herself a second badge!

And so, after leaving the gym and having a battle with her nemesis, Kamon kept going to the next city on the map, she is currently in Goldenrod city, looking for the third badge!


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