My pokemon adventure- part 3

This part is the conclusion of Mugen’s pokemon challenge but it doesn’t mean that I will stop doing these posts!

So before I post my results let me tell you what happened since yesterday:

As you might remember from my previous post, Kamon had just arrived at Goldenrod city, a city by the way, that was clearly controlled by team rocket.

After exploring the city for a while, Kamon finally entered the gym where she faced her most powerful enemy so far:


Don’t let it’s cuteness deceive you! I almost lost the battle against this thing! By the end of the battle I only had two pokemon standing and that was just because my little togepi held on long enough so I could give potions to the other ones!


and that is how Kamon got her third gym badge! Yay!

After that and spending all my money on the local supermarket (potions are still way, way to expensive for a poor trainer like me!) Kamon went to the bicycle shop, just to admire the bikes (’cause I was almost sure 40 something coins couldn’t buy a bike when a potion costs 300!) but yay again, the shopkeeper gave me one for free!

And so, speeding away on her bike, Kamon made a quick visit to her hometown (’cause the professor had called earlier to know about the egg/togepi). The visit was useless since the professor just went “yup, this is a togepi!” (well, no s***, Sherlock!).

After this rather useless trip. Kamon made he way back to Goldenrod and from there up to Ecruteak city, like Goldenrod, this one seems to be controlled by team rocket.

She did arrive at the gym but as the challenge was almost over I thought “whatever, I’ll just win it tomorrow!”.


So, back to the challenge part:

Badges Won: 3

Pokémon’s in pokedex: 64

Pokémon’s caught: 19



I know Mogumoguchan is gonna win this one but at least I found a new game I like!


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