You see Ivan, karma is a bi**

Lately my gaming days have been spent surviving on the future – a post apocalyptic, brutal and gritty future set on what once was Mother Russia! Ok, maybe that’s stretching it just a “little”, although set in Russia I was limited to what was left of a once proud city’s metro system. As you must have guessed by now I’m talking about Metro: Last light of course.

First of all, before making any considerations about the game, there is a confession to make. You see, throughout the whole adventure I couldn’t stop mimicking and parodying the accent and narrating in that style – sorry, people, no disrespect but it was way stronger than me – and it sure was a nice way to get our fun and laughs. It was all dandy and fine untill that point but after playing some hours straight the “karma is a b***” factor kicked in like a mule! My once proficient english went full potato, refusing to work in other terms but those set by my earlier parody and leaving me with a hard struggle to write or say anything coherent! Totally my fault, I know but FML! XP All I hope for now is that, in due time, it all comes back to me!

Now that my little burden is out let’s move to the main part, the game. Hum.. I guess I won’t be making a review of any kind, after all Metro: Last Light has been around for a good time now and most of you must have either heard about it or even played it already – I’m the one who arrived late to the party! XP But I do have some considerations to make! First of all its history, story and details are simple enough (without compromising the overall integrity) so that anyone that hasn’t played the previous game – or read the books – can pick it right up without any major problems. Through dialogue, flash backs and notes it’s all there.

Not actually in game but you get the point XP

The core mechanics and level progression are straight forward, without anything too fancy to it but it’s a fps after all and, in that perspective, it works great. The level design is another story interely because they all feel somewhat unique, even when underground, and are visually great to look upon and explore. There are also some interesting twists in that mix like the “karma is a bi***” system (karma points), determined by how you behave both in combat as with npcs, and the real-time counter for the air filters that can keep you on your toes and moving every time you have to use your gas mask – which later in the game is a lot!

I should’ve thought of that!

The only real difficulties I had were once trying to find my way through the marshes, getting around on those is a bloody mess to deal with, and a couple of times when attacked by packs of mutants – those bastards are more dangerous than any human opponent you can find! Other thing I want to mention is the soundtrack, first because its great and fits right in the dark atmosphere giving it an eerie edge. Heck, at least once or twice I felt a few shivers down my spine XP And second because of a funny detail, during the opening before getting to the menu, the very first guitar notes sounded like something out of “The Last of Us”! I don’t know if any of you has noticed that but our geek team all thought the same and had to google it to check if the composer was the same.

Well, to wrap it up I’ll just say that it sure was a game worth playing and soon enough I’ll be picking the books by Dmitry Glukhovsky to further understand all that happened.

A salutation for all the rangers and Artyom, hero of Metro!


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