Seasonal rant

No no Ned, it’s already here! -_-” And it feels like the pits of hell have opened.. The last few days have been very slow here around the blog mainly because of this because, you see, none of us is a fan of heat, heck, our oldest resident geek is even allergic to it!!

While the cold is easy enough to deal with – hikikomori style or a heater – there is little we can do with this freaking heat, fans, cooling devices, cold showers have a barely noticeable effect before you start melting on the spot again. And it’s not better for the furry ones because by the way they’re stretched along the hallway our cats look like they were victims of a vicious drive by!

And why don’t you go to the beach or the pool to cool off?-  you ask. Well although we live by the sea, in a city with an huge beach and some pools to spare we can’t find any pleasure in those activities.. so we’re left with aestivation in our holes XP

Bah.. well I do apologise for this incoherent rant as I know many of you do like the summer time but I kind of had to get this steam off somewhere! XP And with that I promise we’ll try to resume our posting on all things geek!

Dja ne! *melts away*


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