It’s Mario time!

This past week was time to dust our faithful Wii, munch on some shrooms, put on the red (or green) cap, grab a plunger and hop on our top secret backyard spaceship because it was Super Mario Galaxy time! 2!

Some time has passed since I’ve played a wii game, there’s nothing wrong with it but the neighbour from sony in our living room usually has a stronger argument when time comes to pick up the controller XP But since we’ve played the first Super Mario Galaxy – although, if I remember correctly, it’s not finished yet – there was no harm in trying the sequel. And I’m glad I did.

The main story is still the same old tale: Bowser attacks the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnaps princess Peach for whatever evil purpose he has in mind. Mario has to leave his plumbing duties to go and save the princess. (With all this saving and adventuring I’ve wondered more than once when the hell does Mario gets any work done!). So Nintendo once more goes with the old formula “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” – and heck, in the Mario franchise it seems to never get old!

(the security in that kingdom isn’t one of the best.. that or Peach just likes to be kidnaped)

Mario then hops into a weird spaceship modeled after his head to navigate through planets and galaxies in search of his cake making friend. – being  this ship and world jumping system much simpler than its predecessor’s hubs.

(don’t really know how they survive in the vacuum of space in an open ship like that but oh well)

Do not assume that what you’ll encounter in this mario game is just more of the same of what you’ve seen before – although most of it was pulled straight from the first game, Mario Galaxy 2 has some new tricks up its sleeve that are more than enough to  set it apart: clever level designs, the inclusion of 2d elements, new powers, alternative mechanics in various planets and, of course, the appearance of the most faithful dinosaur ever, Yoshi.

faithful or suffering from Stockholm syndrome

Each planet as its unique design and strategies to clear, than can go from plain jumping around to flying on giant birds or as a bee, swimming or ice skating through oceans and frozen rivers, puzzling and advancing through perspectives, that are both a brain knot to figure but also imaginative and a breeze of fresh air more than welcomed, to get your next golden star wich is used to power the ship into the next set of planets.

Usually most of the levels end with a boss battle that, besides their huge scale and increasing speed, are simple enough revolving mainly around the old formula of dodging and hitting the weak shiny spot mixed with some clever timing and strategies. Even with the harder ones you won’t fall to them more than once or twice before getting down what you must do.

Visually speaking the game is a gorgeous explosion of colors and a vibrant experience with a fine attention to details. As for the soundtrack we find both old (but remixed) and known tunes along some new ones as well that fit right in most of the time. Both of this aspects sure have the nintendo vibe and quality we’re used to by now.

I had some occasional problems trying to get the camera angle right, getting blind to approaching enemies or struggling to figure some jumps, but most ot the time it was accurate and fluid enough. It certainly was aspect improved from the previous installment.

My conclusion on Mario Galaxy 2 is that although it could be argued that this was an unecessary mario game to add to the almost endless roster of previous marios I’m glad Nintendo did it. Not only they add value to any Wii’s life cycle and game collection with this fine tuned piece but as a game it is a great, seldom stale or boring experience, good both for newcomers and veterans alike.

On a side note – kids don’t do shrooms (at least not alone/without supervision) an Mario is a douche to animals XP


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