Recent finds

This past week I’ve been somewhat under the weather with a cold. A nasty Summer cold… Amidst my agony, tons of paper tissues and the constant grumpiness and naps, I found two new youtube channels that made me forget about my sore nose and dreadful tasting meds.

The first one is Glam and Gore, in which the concept is pretty simple: one look, two versions, being one of them the ‘glam’ side of it and the other, obviously, the ‘gore’ part. Here are some examples:

This was the first one I saw and I loved the concept!

We have to have some khaleesi, one way or the other.

And you can’t forget the classics.

The other channel I found is Made u look. This is not as much a make-up artist in the proper sense of the word, but a very, very talented body painter. I mean, drawing everything backwards?

Can’t have enough of Joker

Deadpool is always a must have

This is awesome!!

and, finally, a “omg” moment!

Check out their Youtube channels, there’s plenty more to watch.


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