DIY – Stink bomb edition

For the past few days I’ve been away from our blog making some needed repairs to our little cave.. I mean house, we’re not batman after all XP And all was going dandy and fine until today.. today will be a day my nose will never forget! A grim reminder that foul smells are out there waiting to gank you!

It took a day or two but finally my older sister’s wall was ready to be painted so I dragged the 15lt can from the backyard to the second floor and proceeded opening it. It started with a small strange hiss when I lifted the border of the lid, which made me suspicious so I told Mekime to step back, then when the lid was fully lifted it was an olfactory Armageddon! The freaking paint had rotten and looked like liquified rotten meat with weird dyes in between.. I’ve smelled some nasty sh** but this is one of the worst until today! Almost throwing up I let go of the lid, jumped over the bed, grabbed Mekime and ran to the bathroom which was the only room in the house out of the flow of air coming from my sister’s room and going out through the other end spreading that sewer all over. We had to act quick or the place would become inhabitable so, armed with deodorant (XDD) and holding my breath I jumped back in, closed that nasty thing and threw it into the fire! Well, not really, just back out XP

We survived, barely.. then after an hour or two I opened another nasty one XD FML


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