No, kitty-cat!!

Cats are famous for stepping on whatever they find in their way, be it a keyboard, someone’s head (true story), open books…I mean, just the other day I had to sleep in the living room as my bedroom was undergoing some minor works on one of its walls. Our dearest Norwegian forest cat, Gabrielle Nini, felt the urge of jumping on something to get to the couch and that something happened to be my stomach, at 5 am… It is not a nice “rise and shine, dearie”, at all.

And if your own cats ever step over your keyboard while you’re chatting with someone and just speak their mind (usually on the grounds of: ,.569888888888888888888888888888888888´«’«fffffffg<z0? – this is an actual “note” written by one of Nini’s daughter’s, Noh), you should know you’re not alone. Some poor guy, in the 15th century had this happening to him:

What the fluff, Mittens?! These things are expensive, dude!
What the fluff, Mittens?! My gorgeous handwriting is ruined!

And you might think that maybe this was a cat fad that begun in the Renaissance, as a way of cats proclaiming their emancipation or something. You should rethink that one::

Well, you just couldn't wait for the clay to dry, could you, Kitteh?!
Well, you just couldn’t wait for the clay to dry, could you, Kitteh?!

Yep, about 2000 years ago cats were being just the same kind of little asshole ninjas they are today, just to a different kind of folk, in this case, some Roman dude in Gloucester. The poor guy making that tegula (roof tile) probably never saw it coming.

So, if your cat ever ruins your work, just remember: you are not alone. They have been ruining people’s efforts for ages and they are not planning on stopping.

Gotta love cats!


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