Be vewy vewy quiet!

Three days ago, by pure chance while looking out of the back window, our oldest geek caught a glimpse of an intruder in our backyard! She called the rest of the team to witness this breach in security and despite the falling night we could all agree that a small rabbit sized rat was lurking around! It probably came from one of the abandoned old houses we have close by but we’re not ready to adopt that kind of pet..

Promptly I went downstairs and tried to catch it with a bucket (I know, not the brightest idea XP) but the little asshole must be related to speedy gonzalez because it disappeared within seconds. As we have two dogs and five cats (and even some wild birds for whom we leave food on the backyard), poison or conventional rat traps – although I don’t know if they make them as big as we need for this case – was out of the question so for the second and third day we had a macgyverish non lethal trap set up and a scout equipped with a bow and some arrows (this is, of course, a last resort because we are against killing any animal or living being without a very strong reason – threat of death or starvation) but so far no cigar.. XP

When, and if we catch it – which I hope we will – , we intend to release it in the docks nearby. We’ll keep you posted on our struggle with Pinky Gonzalez, the rat.


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