It’s a big music world out there

The music scene is full of obscure subgenres and alternative approaches , as many as one can imagine and maybe even more – from experience I can tell that, usually, diving in those extremes is a mix of amazement and “wtf?!” reactions – and as lists and stuff are a must at one time or another I’ve decided to make a small one to bring you some of those most unknown and hum.. alternative stuff I guess XP (weird al is off this for obvious reasons)

Beatallica – or when the Beatles and Metallica crashed face first unto each other to form a 2-in-1 cover band! And, surprisingly, they’re kind of good at it!

Dread Zeppelin – The Led Zeppelin guys smoke a few blunts in L.A. and went full reggae style.. and hired Elvis as the front man!

the quality in this one is a little potato.. XP

Meshugga Beach Party – Don’t mistake them with Meshuggah (the metal band) on a trip to the beach – although I’m sure they do hit the beach from time to time – , no, these guys are a Jewish surf-rock band from San Francisco. Meshugga supposedly mean “crazy” and they sure try to live up to that name! XP

Okilly Dokilly – hey there neighbourino! (or something like that XP) Ok, this one was unexpected even for me, a Ned Flanders themed metal band! Oh, sorry, did I say metal, I meant Nedal (as they like to call it)! They dress as him and most of the lyrics are direct Flanders quotes.. stupid sexy Flanders, even bands can’t resist him! XDD

There are some more at their band camp page

The Whomping Willows – straight out for any Harry Potter fans out there!

And that’s it.. for now! I’ll be back as soon as I find more treats! XD


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