The day I feared the most

If you hear any news regarding the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, bear in mind that it could have been me. Well, but not on purpose, obviously…

I’ve been doing some archaeological survey work, in a house that has been demolished to build a new one. The only things left were the art déco façade – which had to be preserved – and the side walls, which were common with the neighbouring houses. I’d been sent into a relatively numb state, as the workers were working on stuff that didn’t concern me when I saw it…

Behind a clearly contemporary (and ugly) hydraulic mosaic baseboard were a bunch or cordyceps like fungus… My heart just skipped a beat and, in my head, I heard a clicker call…

It has now been less than 24h since that’s happened. My vital signs and stats seem to be normal. I will log in and keep you posted if I start clicking or something.

Just so you are fully aware, this is what a clicker sounds like:


If you hear any of this, just keep still and vewwy, vewwy quiet. They might leave. But, then again, they might find you, so it’s up to you, I’m not here to give you survival tips.

I mean, if I do turn, I’ll need to eat!


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