New (online) adventures on the way!

We’ve had a few online gaming experiences before, me and meki, like Team Fortress 2, Lineage 2, Aion, Ragnarok Online and a few others but over the years our orientation has turned more to a couch co-op (that unfortunately seems to be a decaying option nowadays) or solo option – subscription fees on some (not on those mentioned), online jerks on others or just system requirements were some of the reasons. But I guess that, at least, I will be embarking on some new adventures as Guild Wars 2 turned free to play without having to buy the game!

Since it came out that the game caught my attention but I never had the opportunity to get my hands on it… untill now! It has, of course, some downsides because some restrictions are in place for the free accounts but it’s the least to expect. Checking the requirements my pc can handle it, now is just a question of keeping this veteran laptop cool enough to run it XP


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