I’m here to crash castles and save princesses

It’s been a while since our home team has done a couch co-op gaming session, some lack of time and, as I said before somewhere, the amount of couch co-op games available nowadays – that we haven’t played yet – isn’t helping either. But being stubborn as we are it was just a matter of time until we came across one that fits our requirements, it’s not exactly new or recent but it sure was fun as hell – Castle Crashers.

Castle Crashers is a PSN (it’s also available for other platforms) “2D beat ’em up style” downloadable game with a simple story – a dark cloaked magician assaults the king’s castle to steal a very large (and probably precious in some way – like final fantasy way) crystal and kidnap the four princesses for some evil unknown purpose – probably world domination or something like that, we’ll leave it to your imagination and it’s up to the player, who assumes the role of one of the castle’s knights – a magic wielding bad ass knight – to set out to retrieve the stolen goods, princesses and make the enemies feel that royal hammer of justice!

You’ll be travelling far and wide across the land to fulfill your mission – through levels filled with ice, lava or fighting a giant cat fish down while floating down a river you’ll find it all! – and you can do it alone or with up to 3 more friends (locally or online – the choice is yours) but beware that storming the several enemy hordes and fortresses alone can prove quite challenging and even frustrating at some points! Enemy hordes – that can quickly pin you down and sap away your energy – and the bosses – with their usual large scale and powerful attacks – require lots of strategy and some sweating if done solo. It was designed, after all, to be a cooperative game from the very beginning.

At first there are only 4 different knights – color coded according to their power: red – lightning , orange – fire , blue – ice, green – poison – but lots more can be unlocked as rewards for certain challenges and also from the purchasable dlc packages. The level of customization is kept to a minimum as there are only four simple rpg traits to create your fighting machine: strength, magic, defense and agility is where you’ll be spending those hard earned points from slashing tons of enemies apart but, as compensation, there are a buttload of weapons and animal companions with different abilities to help! Some can be found right aways while others must be found or farmed if you want that nice shiny collection complete (if borderlands taught us anything is that you’ll always need new and better weapons!)

Meki chose fire and I went with lightning!

Castle Crashers has no proper dialogue, only a message here and there and mainly found in shops, which isn’t bad in a brawler as it lets the player focus in some old pure hack and slash fun! Even though there isn’t dialogue the creators included lots of humoristic situations trough the scenarios or in the animations and that will surely steal lots of laughs as it did to us.

Wrapping it all, Castle Crashers is a very enjoyable game with a sweet combination of animations, decent level design, cute and odd characters and cool soundtrack combined! Not to long nor too short and with a high replayability and will surely be trying it again.


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