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It’s been a while since we’ve last posted something but nope, we’re not letting this geek sink into the sea. There have been some side activities – mogumogu chan’s food blog and meki’s cosplay for this year’s comicon (I’m not telling you what it is, she’ll eventually reveal it XP), me doing photography jobs and helping on some stuff, all this while leading the normal geek life XP – but it’s time to get back into the frame.

So, as a warmup (for my recovering thumb – somehow I managed to dislocate it and pull it back into place a week ago), let’s try some news.. bare with me, I know some aren’t exactly “fresh” but I’ve been saving them.

First there’s the trailer for the Angry Birds movie adaptation.. something that I was sceptical about from the beginning, I mean the game is great and fun but in my perspective the “story” is not exactly movie material. So, this piece features our well-known bird (who went through a slight anthropomorphic evolution) with a grumpy red as a main character and the ever invading pigs who are trying to ruin their lifes and eggs.. Well, there have been weirder movies so let’s wait and see into what it’ll turn out.

For the fans of the Halo series there are also a great announcement as a new live action series for Halo 5 as started airing. Although I’m not a follower of it this trailer left me willing to try out an episode or two.. or the whole series if it’s that good!

There as also been a confirmation for two more movies of Mad Max which is not surprising after the exploding impact that was “Fury Road” (thanks to that the phrase “Witness me!!!” has become part of our daily vocabulary XD). Let’s hope that it doesn’t take them as long as last time to release this two.

Sword Art Online (the anime that is finnaly getting near on my to watch list XP) is getting a movie according to IGN news. Hopefully I’ll have two seasons and a movie by the time I get to pick it up

And that’s it for now, I’ll try to make some more posts today.. that is if I’m not sucked into an anime marathon like yesterday! XD


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