Artist showcase

Here at the “Geek and the Sea” all four of us have different backgrounds and daily lives but one thing is certain, we all like art (whatever the medium) and at least two of us are involved with it directly. As so I though that it would be nice to have a few posts showcasing some of our favourite artists and others found throughout the interwebs.

Before we begin let me just add a note – we just intend to show some of the work these artists do and all of the images and their copyright belong to them. Unfortunately we still don’t own physical copies of what’s shown XP

For our first pick we have an awesomely talented guy from our own little corner of the world that goes by the name Drumond (Drumond Art). We saw his works at Comicon last year, the man himself working on some new pieces this year and one thing is for sure, he deserves to get as much recognition as possible.

For a little more info we have the “about” on his behance page: “Drumond is a freelance illustrator based in Lisbon, Portugal. Picked a sketchbook and a pencil to draw while waiting 9 months to be born and his destiny was traced. Is currently working with NBA, magazines, newspapers and other brands and wants to do Comic Books. Accepts commissions until his head explodes. ”

Here, have a look at some of his work:




Awesome right??! Ans this is but a small sample so be sure to drop by his page on facebook  and his page on behance to see some more.


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