New year and (almost) new FF

Before anything else, happy ’16 people! It seems we’ve made it once more around the sun without blowing ourselves up! Not bad! XD Now cheers to all the geeky goodness that this new year is going to bring us!

And now onwards faithful minions! Remakes and remasters are a common thing nowadays – something that isn’t necessarily bad as some would claim, yes, probably is a way to try to squeeze a few more bucks out of our pockets and it may seem as a lack of creativity but it’s also a way to replay great games with improved graphics and controls! If done right the end result can be awesome! And in that case I’m all for it.

Final Fantasy has been a series that witnessed several of this remakes over the years, now adding to the roster the much acclaimed and fan favourite FFVII (not mine, my favourite is FFXII) that is surely one that will get the crowd crazy even if some die-hard purists hate it. Soon after we get another good news on this chapter, FFIX is also getting a pc/smartphone remake with not only the graphical update but also including many new features! I didn’t finish it at the time but now it’s definitely on my playlist! It will hit the markets later in ’16!



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