Comic: Dragon Age Magekiller

I’ve just finished reading the first issue of DA Magekiller, another entry in the comic department of DA by Dark Horse, with story by Greg Rucka and art by Carmen Carnero.



Obviously set in the grand world of Thedas, we’re introduced to Marius, a silent and pretty deadly guy  and Tessa Forsythia, his partner and handler, whose line of work and specialization is killing rogue mages.. for the right price that is. After a successful but hard hunt they found themselves in Hercinia, in the Free Marches where an elf named Flavius approaches with a job request that will force Marius to return to Tevinter, a place he’d preferred forgotten and far away.. (and definitely the last place to be if you’re a magekiller! The whole nation was built and is ruled by mages!)

According to the initial press release, the events in Magekiller will run along those of DA Inquisition so I suppose we may find some connections and maybe even some overlapping of events in future issues. Even if not, all comic entries untill now have been awesome even as “stand alones”, this one promising to be no exception





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