Comic: The Last Ones T01 – Exodus

It’s a story written by David Muñoz (co writter of “The Devil’s Backbone” and author of “Whispers in the Wall”) with art by Manuel Garcia (who worken in comics like Avengers Assemble, Star Wars Tales, Skyman etc.) and published by Humanoids Inc.



Ever wondered if the children of night really existed, stalking the night for prey? Sure you have, we’ve been imagining that for hundreds of years now! But thankfully for us they aren’t there.. or are they? XP

Anyway, in this comic of ours they have always existed but they’ve been ruled by an organization called Church of Blood that’s responsible to keep vamps hidden from human society (protection, secrecy and all that) and control their own members – both in number and behaviour. But everything changed (no, I was not going go say when the fire nation attacked! XD) when an unknown cataclysm turned the Earth into one dark and icy ball! Renegades and rebels took over, killed the Church’s leaders and, without a thing in their way (no rules and no sun), hunted to their hearts contempt… Now humanity faces annihilation and with them also the vampires, as their race can’t exist without the other..

The story is set somewhere in Spain where we’re introduced to a small group of two adults and some children who are trying to survive the wasteland and reach one of the last human settlements they know of. They soon themselves being hunted.. but maybe there’s still hope.

I’ve only read the first issue (if I’m not mistaken there are 3) and although the plot may seem a little worn, as there are many similar, there’s some promise in this one.



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