Artist showcase – Crafts edition

Back to show you some more of our favourite artists out there and, as “art” is a very subjective thing and not limited to a medium, this time we went into the more crafty part of the thing with some works that will be the delight for those of you who are into clockwork and mechanisms. Justin Gershenson-Gates is the one behind “A Mechanical Mind”, a guy that has been in love with mechanical things all his life and now rearranges them into amazing works. In his site he says “My aim is to show the beauty of the mechanical world, a place generally hidden from the public behind metal and glass. My pieces display the more delicate and ephemeral side of gears, rather than the cold, hard factory feel they normally portaiy.”

As I said before, all copyrights belong to the artists and the pics/pieces shown over here are from their online galleries, we don’t own (unfortunately) any of them and just want to show our appreciation.

Do enjoy!

This was but a sample, he has many many more to show, drop by (or don’t, I’m not your boss XP) his deviantart, official site or facebook page to see some more.


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