Comic: October Faction 01

October Faction is a graphic novel written by Steve Niles (“30 days of night” and illustrated by Damien Worm, from IDW Publishing – 2014 if I’m not mistaken.


It’s a graphic novel with an overall dark tone (and I’m not talking about the color palette XP) as the theme is the supernatural and this first issue introduces us to the Allan family, an unusual family to say the least. The main character seems to be Fredrick, who nowadays teaches “Monsters & Mythology” at college after retiring from the “family business” (“you know, helping people, hunting things” XD) who one day gets a visit from and old friend and hunting partner, Lucas, that not only comes with memories from their dark past but also bears some news on Delories, Fredrick’s thrill-killer wife. And then there’s Vivian and Geoff, two young adults who are too out-of-place for the “normal society” and are trying to follow their father’s footsteps while having a hobby in magic..

It’s a little too soon to say if it’s either a good or bad story, or a recommended one, as this first issue tells us very little besides who they are but I’ll get the rest and then tell you something more about it! As for the art, it’s dark and gritty with some stylization but it’s a style that suits this work perfectly I think.

And let me leave here and interesting quote right from the beginning of the book:”to most of the natural world, humans are the monsters that bump in the night, that take the children and murder the parents.”


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