Anyone up for a hyrulean cinema session?

Wasn’t quite sure if I should use hyrulean or hylian in the title… but details, details XP

Remember the Last of Us mini series we found and posted some months ago? The one where they put all the cut scenes and even some gameplay together in order to create a coherent story line for a mini series of 6 episodes (if I’m not mistaken) that would fully transport the viewer into Joe and Ellie’s story even without having to play the game. And the result was pretty good if I may say so, ‘ve seen it twice already while waiting for any news of The Last of Us 2.

And now we’ve found a similar project but this time around it comes directly from the land of Hyrule bringing along our favourite green clad hero. The fansite ZeldaUniverse took the same concept of cutscenes/gameplay of the The Last of Us series but added a huge bonus – voice acting – something that is serious lacking throughout The Legend of Zelda series. And it’s nicely done if I might say so!


First we have Hyrule Warriors: The Movie. And here’s part 2 and 3


And Skyward Sword: The Movie. With the second part here.


All credits go to the team over at the ZeldaUniverse for their awesome job. And I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be watching this afternoon, join me (or not.. and in your own living room of course XD) and I’m sure we won’t regret the time spent here.


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