Comic: The Spire 01

Nothing like starting the day reading some comics! XD “The Spire” is a graphic novel written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Jeff Stokley and published by Boom! Studios



In this first issue, out of 8 if I’m not wrong, we’re introduced to a world where the main action takes place in a huge city built by levels, rising right from the middle of the desert named, you guessed it, Spire. Its inhabitants are a mix of pure humans and those called “Skews” or “the sculpted” (it depends if you’re trying to offend one or treating it with respect), weird mutations and humans with special abilities, that are divided by the said levels – in the lower, poorer levels, you’ll find the abnormal ones and higher up we’ve got the “pure”, richer ones (all we need to have some trouble really fast if you ask me XP). Right from the start we witness the death of the former Baron of the city, one event that seems to bring unrest to everything, and we’re introduced to Shå, our protagonist, commander of the City Watch and a mutant herself, who gets called to the presence of the new Baroness – one that strongly dislikes mutants – who puts our eyepatch wearing commander in charge of the investigation of a omnious and gruesome murder of a lady close to the royal family…

It’s a little confusing at first, specially the first few pages, as there’s so many things in different locations happening at once or ones after the others – the Spire, the Nothinglands, flashbacks and so on. – but eventually one gets the hang of it and start to see what’s happening in this fantasy murder-mystery story.

The art is nothing out of the roof but it fits nicely to this vibrant world and one little and interesting detail that adds up to the richness of this comic is how the speech is presented, with different fonts and formats depending if the character are speaking to a higher up or in a more polished way, mumbling or swearing – a touch by Steve Wands, who’s also involved in this work.

I suppose that normally I should give a score or something like that but after reading only one issue it would too soon.. for now I’d say “not butt” (HAWP XD).



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