(Almost) Everything is breakable…

… when you’re playing a Lego game! I mean, really, you can wreck almost everything there! That and you’re also immortal – no matter the danger, hazard or how many enemies are thrown at you, even if the character runs out of hearts it just comes back ready for some more! (you lose some coins though, and I’m not sure if the immortality thing works if haven’t got any money to spare but come on, even if, for some crazy reason, you’re trying to avoid getting coins  it’s impossible! XP) Not to mention you’ll have a whole lot of fun with these little bastards! I’ve got to admit that at first they didn’t catch my attention but after trying one it was a whole other story! Meki would be in a better place to tell you all about the Lego experience as she is a veteran of 6 and a half games but you’ll have to go with me, the runt who only finished the main missions in 2.. the most recent only this afternoon.

And the most recent would be Lego The Hobbit, a game that follows the story in the first two movies of the trilogy and Thorin’s dwarven company across Middle Earth from the lovely Hobbiton to the shadow of the Lonely Mountain.



Lego has a formula for these games, tried and proven time and time again, and The Hobbit one isn’t an exception – combat, exploration, unlockables and so on are similar to previous entries to the series – but there are still some innovations to it. Each of the core roster of characters – all of the dwarves and our dear hobbit – has its own ability and place, meaning that none is more important than the rest (we’re not talking about personal preferences here or I’d been Dwalin all the time! XP) and the player must know when and how to use them in harmony to progress – it’s easier with two players so grab a friend! – There’s a loot and accessory inventory that you’ll fill up throughout the game to use at different times, a day/night mechanic that unlocks specific activities, a buddy up system to tackle challenging bosses or obstacles and a building sequence that’s been ported from the Lego Movie one.

It’s an action-adventure game that resumes to button mashing to break stuff/kill bad guys and solving simple puzzles in order to advance but fortunately the enemies, collectibles and the said puzzles are sophisticated enough and properly placed to keep it all engaging and flowing nicely. The scenarios are very rich and full of little details that make it worth exploring and even though we’re talking about things built with lego pieces it’s all faithful to what we see in the movies! The characters are also very well made and adapted, you can recognize each and every one of them with ease and the cherry on top is that it’s fully voice acted!

It doesn’t take very long to end the main story line and missions, I wasn’t counting but me and Meki got to the end of it in just a few hours, and it’s a bit of a shame that it doesn’t go all the way to the end (but Meki told me that there is a DLC with the third part.. got to get it soon! XP) but even this much is very addictive and filled with a lot of Lego style comedy bits and tweaks that make it all more enjoyable. But don’t get fooled, even after finishing the main plot there are tons and tons of things to do! Side quests, collectibles, characters to unlock and so on that mean a whole lot of hours more.. Heck we’ve only got it to 20% complete yet!

As for cons, ’cause it has them of course, I think the main problem lies with the camera angles that get very weird sometimes – even more when you’re playing split screen – and can make the platform sections a pain in the butt XP That and probably the linearity of some levels… and using wizards (but that was probably just my pet peeve here XP)… but those are things easily overlooked in a game like this! I’d recommend it to almost anyone out there!


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