Artist showcase – Tattoo edition

Got any ink in your body? Even if you haven’t you’ve got to admit that, at some point in your life, the thought of doing a couple of tattoos has stormed your mind right? I’ve got one already (simple lines and nothing fancy) and, as soon as the chance appears, I’m getting some more on this old carcass of mine! XDD The hardest part is choosing what to get because skillful artists is one thing the world’s not short of!

Had a lot of options to choose from to do this post – this time I went with one russian girl I found over at deviantart. Polina Gajewsky, a 22-year-old artist from St Petersburg, whose work in mainly in colorless tattoos done in her unique style. And the results are awesome!

As I said in previous artist showcases, all copyrights belong to the artists and the pics/pieces shown over here are from their online galleries, we don’t own (unfortunately) any of them and just want to show our appreciation.








Awesome right?? XD If I ever go to St Petersburg I’m getting inked on her studio. If you want to see more just check her deviantart page


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