Comic: Adventure Time Sugary Shorts vol. 1

It’s a little different from my usual reads but come on, who doesn’t like Adventure Time? Even though the show sometimes seems like a product of severe hallucinations it’s still great to watch and lots of fun! I’ve still got a season or two to see (one more thing to the giant pile of things I’ll have to catch up to when the chance arrives.. XP) but for now I’m starting its comic counterpart with this one.



All taken from the Adventure Time issues we find in this volume numerous short stories and adventures alongside our favourite characters (jake and marceline are my top 2 XD), product of the collaboration and contributions of numerous artists throughout the world – as so you’ll find lots of different and unique art styles and color pallets and probably will research one or two that catches your eye. The content is very mixed and different toned and it would be hard to define or review each individual one (without spoiling the whole thing) as there’s no connection whatsoever between them. Some stories are longer, others rather short and some will be more amusing and appealing than others that’s for sure – I found some boring and tasteless while others were awesome.. – and don’t expect nothing as epic as the series as gotten used to but the thing is that Sugary Shorts’s still a fun and enjoyable comic as a whole and the variations in style are a welcomed alternative perspective even for die-hard AT fans. I say that you should, at least, give it a go!

As for a final score I’d say: 6/10


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