Get your comic dose right here!

Although I’ve been posting about the comics I read, in a review/suggestion thingamabob kind of thing (don’t really know how to classify it XP), I realised that we’ve been missing some great material leaving out the crazy amount of awesome web comics and strips that are out there. So, for now on,  we’ll be leaving here some of our favourite – in no special order – for your enjoyment as well.

All credits go to their respective creators and teams, we’re just sharing their fine work!


Awkward Zombie – Metal Gear Solid (nothing like taking matters in our own hands XP)


Amazing Super Powers – Batman (swear to me!!)


The Gamer Cat – Tactics (that’s using your head alright!)


Magical Game Time – yes they are…


Manly guys doing manly things – DAI (poor ride…)


And that’s it for now! Hope you liked it and don’t forget to check out more of their stuff.





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