Just Read: You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

Between having to run from one place to the next and then back to HQ, barely sleeping a few hours per day just to meet deadlines for work and being sick on top of it all, it’s no wonder I’ve been away for a while.. but at least I managed to finish a book in the meantime, yeah! XD Since we usually follow her work on the Geek and Sundry (mainly the co optitude show, since me and my younger sis also like to play side by side, although the rest of the shows are also great of course) and she seems like and interesting and fun person I had to give this oddly titled book by Felicia Day a place on my “to read list”. And it did deserve it.



Before anything else let me just say that I won’t go into too much details as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, if you get curious just grab a copy and start reading.

In her book, Felicia gives us an inside view of her whole journey until today (from 0 to hero you might say XD) and not only the bits and facts you can read around the web but an honest and direct story of her life – it is a memoir after all. Many of those that get to read it will surely relate to one part or another as growing as a geek has plenty of common things, independently of where you live – from being somewhat the oddball/outcast of the pack (maybe not as much nowadays, thank the gods) to having to struggle to carry on with your not so common life choices and so many more – but truth be told, Felicia’s upbringing was a peculiar one full of ups and downs. She managed to do what many only dream of doing, her work is what she loves to do in life but not all is golden and there are some serious issues thrown in the mix as she, as so many out there, had to deal with crippling anxiety and depression for a great part of her life and the destructive consequences those had time and time again… the way she describes it all is heartfelt and real and there’s a constant effort to advise the readers on how to deal with it – she worries with her fans and that’s an important aspect if you ask me.

By the end of the book Felicia also talks about her experience with Gamer Gate and the constant struggle that girls and women have out and in the web… and personally I have to add that this moronic and irrational behaviour by (some) guys, both on and offline, is just disgusting, we’re all human beings, should respect each other and damn, have fun with the things we like without shamming anyone or kicking them out! This is not the kind of world I’d like my loved ones to be exposed to! bah!

Funny thing about it was that the whole time I had Felicia’s voice narrating this.. it was a weird experience alright, I mean, where the hell went my inner voice in the meantime? I guess I’ll never know! But well, keeping things short, if you’re a fan or just mildly curious this is surely a good book to pick up.



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