String your bases, rev up your vespas and furi kuri furi kura away!! XDD

Anime fans all over rejoice as one of the most epic and out of this world titles is making its return! Yes, I’m even talking to the younger ones that probably never saw it (not just us old timers XD) but certainly will love to watch FLCL’s new seasons!

After 15 or 16 years, in a truly unexpected turn of events, Productions I.G. (I don’t know but someone must have been dusting some old dvd boxes in the attic, found this 6ep-long pearl and thought, why not? this was awesome anyway!) announced that it will be picking up the series – teaming up with Kazuya Tsurumaki (flcl’s creator), Katsuyuki Motohiro as director and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto for character design – for two whole new seasons of 6eps each!

“The story of the new series will be set some time way in the future, where the war between the evil conglomerate Medical Mechanica and a new entity called Fraternity is raging in outer space. A new young person—a girl named Hidomi—thinks everything in her little town will always be boring and average, until a new teacher comes to town… a teacher named Haruko. Things escalate from there, and mysteries are posed: Why did Haruko come back to Earth? Where’s the Rickenbacker she left with Naota? And what became of ‘Canti’ the human-type robot?” – via Nerdist

This looks promising alright, the only negative thing is having to wait until late 2017 to watch it XP But one thing is right, this little piece of news made a couple of fans very happy today! ^_^



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