And then you die… – Dark Souls movie edition!

Hopefully you won’t die from seeing this, I mean, it’s not like The Ring or anything like it.. but now that I’m thinking about it, just to play it safe, maybe it’s better if you’re using a tiny screen because that way, if anything comes out, it’ll be a chibi easy-to-squish version of a creature XDD

I don’t know if you guys still remember it but some months ago we found a The Last of Us playthrough cinematic adaptation mini series (wow, that’s a mouth full to say! gotta catch my breath now) and some time after that there was a project that applied the same concept to Hyrule Warriors and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (which I’ll have to check out again in case they’ve done more) but now the turn to hit the silver screen has come for one of the more nerve wrecking and challenging games out there – Dark Souls! For those of you having a hard time grasping the story or just can’t wait and slug through the grinding process of beating the game to see what’s ahead (I’m a couple of hours in and have just barely been able to scratch Undead Burg’s surface myself so I know that damn exploratory itch quite well..) youtuber MoonlightButterfly is here for the rescue! And there’s not only a Dark Souls one as there is also a Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls II and a Bloodborne movie as well – almost all with over an hour of running time each. Wow, now, that’s a whole lot of dedication and effort there people!

Do enjoy!


Dark Souls


Demon’s Souls


Dark Souls II




Nowadays most games are almost true cinematic experiences by themselves and I’m really glad that there are such talented and dedicated people out there that transform them into this videos and share with us their awesome works. One thing is certain, I’ll keep watching them and they have all my respect! ^_^



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