Tentacles and Disappointment

Rest assured, I’m not going to complain about seeing a bad and weird tentacle themed hentai or even about a disappointing squid dish I had (although I may have threatened the last boss with turning it into an oversized squid sushi…), it’s just a spot on phrase from Marcus that I borrowed for this post about Borderlands I XD After a while stuck in the video game limbo, me and Meki picked it up and this afternoon we’ve finished its main story quest – which, as many of you know, still leaves plenty more to do in the game but raises the question, will we take the time to do it?

The hell? These Bordelands maniacs are leaving the classic one without even trying to complete it as much as they can? Well, I can’t say for sure yet but probably yes, we’ll leave it as it is. And why? A disappointing end boss (I mean Steele just gets stabbed/eaten without even putting up a fight and then you just have to take cover and hit the Destroyer’s eye without it posing much of a threat), a rather dull overall experience and more than just a few issues made both os us lose the interest and will to delve deeper into this original Pandora. But before anything else let me get one thing straight, this time around it’s not just the game’s fault, it probably had to with the order in which we played the series. We started with Borderlands 2, at first just playing it out of curiosity and then over and over again like some insane boderlands junkies and then went on to the Pre-Sequel before ever trying the original so it’s not wonder that, after those previous and enhanced experiences, that this one felt so lacking. Although, obviously, the game itself had some flaws – the navigation system, problems when aiming, the overall emptiness and how it handles the co-op split screen (now this one is just messed up) for example – it probably didn’t shine as it should have because we simply failed the correct timing. I mean, there is no denying that it’s good, that it had more than a few groundbreaking elements and an interesting story but sometimes things just don’t “click” and when that happens it’s best to leave before you star hating.


*So, there’s Angel, Lilith and Steele… didn’t Jack said that there could only exist 3 sirens, at any given time, in the entire universe? *Yup, he did.. and there goes one. Guess there’s room for Maya now!


Now, even after asserting its pros and cons it’s not certain that I can make a fair review for Borderlands so I think it’s best that I avoid it altogether – there’s not point in bashing it just because your experience wasn’t the best. It’s a good game and we’re thankful that it opened a path for the later instalments (Boderlands 2 it’s just our favourite game EVAH!! XDD) but we’ll probably only visit Lilith and Mordecai (me and Meki) again when we decide to record some gameplay (on the pc with some mods). Until then we’ll stay in Pandora’s future timeline.


See ya around Lilith



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