Artist showcase – Shutter Edition 02

Things have been pretty slow lately huh? I do apologise of course, the scourge of humanity (aka work), some side projects, lack of time, a little surgery and the overall geek life forced me into yet another small hiatus… but that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about our little blog! I’ll get it rolling again as best as possible.

So, for this edition of “Artist Showcase” – calling it an edition sounds fancy XP – we’re back in the land of shutters (do I ever leave it?) to gaze through the lens of anka zhuravleva,a master whose vision and technique fuse into truly stunning portraits.

As I said in previous artist showcases, all copyrights belong to the artists and the pics/pieces shown over here are from their online galleries, we don’t own (unfortunately) any of them and just want to show our appreciation.

Do enjoy!








Don’t skip a visit on her deviantart, website or facebook page to see the rest of her portfolio!


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