Anime – Heavy Object

Took me long enough but finally I’m making the post about the third anime watched back when I was sick – “only now?”, you ask! well, yeah, I know it was a good while ago… but better late than never, right? XP – and I must confess that out of the pack this was my least favourite for a good number of reasons. “Heavy Object” is our subject today, an action/mech/military anime adaptation from the light novel with the same name and a third of the size of the anime – yup, they’ve stretched it that much!

Don’t feel offended or anything, what I’ll write on this review thingamabob is only my opinion – thankfully we don’t all think the same way! -, it doesn’t have more value than that. You’re always welcome to comment or talk about it with us if you’d like!



The plot of “Heavy Object” is set somewhere in the future, where the world has witnessed a severe geopolitical, geostrategical and diplomatic shift as well as a total reinvention of the ways in which wars are made with the introduction of “Objects” – massive and heavily armed mobile fortresses capable of withstanding even a direct nuclear bomb impact and conquering whole countries by themselves, thus rendering any other weapons and warfare obsolete. They also come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide specialization spectrum depending on terrain/purpose etc., being another “Object” the only effective counter measure for one of these beasts. By default the wars/battles are won by the side capable of deploying the best equipped/advanced or the greater number of them for the said conflict – even conceding a conflict without firing a single shot if outnumbered or the enemy proves clearly stronger from the start! – and as such much of the concerns/efforts of the nations are focused on advancing and maintaining as many machines as they can.


Some “Objects”/bases… and I might add that TMNT had the idea first! XD


Obviously such weapons require an ample support chain and so, maintenance teams and supply bases have become the second most important asset in any scenery. It’s in one of this bases, set in the Alaska region, that we meet our protagonists – Qwenthur Barbotage, a student aiming to be an “Object” designer assigned as an engineer, and Havia Winchell, a noble hoping to gain prestige among its equals through the military and who’s a radar analyst (k, I know that sometimes they come up with weird names but this pair has to have the worst I’ve seen!), both pair or the platoon that tends to “Baby Magnum”, an aging first generation all-terrain machine, and its “princess” Milinda (aka the pilot or an “elite” as they call them – as important as the machines themselves, the pilots are trained and tended to from a very young age for this specific and vital function). It’s when a surprise attack from an enemy “Object” which overpowers “Baby Magnum” and destroys their base, leaving Milinda helpless at the hands of enemy soldiers and their own troops running for their lives that Qwenthur and Havia muster some good old suicidal courage to go to the rescue, facing impossible odds along the way and having more than good luck on their side but finally being able to destroy the enemy’s “Object” and its base, thus signalling the dawn of something new.

As for the plot it’s taken care of, as spoiler free as I could! The rest of the anime (totaling 21 eps if I’m not mistaken) follows, with little variations, the same simple line of this first arc – the two guys are deployed somewhere on the globe along “Baby Magnum” and must face and overcome the threat of an enemy “Object” which, after the second or third time, get repetitive, dull and predictable without much to compensate for it. This repetitive episodic nature of the show is even more annoying when you know that the original light novel only covers the first “Object” they’ve faced and the rest is a ctrl-c/ctrl-v of that…

The characters are somewhat underdeveloped, having near 0 char progression after their introduction and the establishment of their friendship (and clear love interest between two of them) on the first eps and try to hard to be interesting/funny at various times. Their design isn’t the most appealing one – at least for the guys because the creators did focus plenty on the females and their “attributes”, probably trying to capitalize on that – but the rest of the art is sound and the use of CGI well placed without abuse, specially that used for the “Objects”.



The whole concept is interesting, I mean, in a way we’re speaking of a whole world with weapons somewhat similar to Evas and great geopolitical/strategic changes with so much to experiment and explore but they failed to explored it in a good way, focusing instead on the little story of those 3… and come on, what they’ve done is nothing revolutionary, did they all forget the whole concept of black ops and sabotage? Ok, not all stories need to be above and beyond with a complex plot and backstory, something lighter is just as enjoyable but I think they’ve played it kind of wrong this time..



Total score: 4/10


P.S. Damn, after reading and correcting all that I must admit that this was one of the more critic reviews I’ve written here! XD Maybe the years are finally catching on me and I’m becoming too critic and picky for my own good but truth be told, with so many good anime out there this one felt like a waste of time.



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