That is indeed something that I’ve always wondered…

Saturday mornings as a kid will always be regarded as those peaceful days when you would jump out of bed to enjoy a belly full of good old animation without a care in the world. As for me, if someone asked to describe how mine were I would resume them in two simple words – “weird cartoons!” and I think you’ll agree with me – “ren and stimpy”, “ahh real monsters”, “shin seiki evangelion” (even today I say that gainax has several brain knots so imagine what was going on my 5/6 year old mind back then… although it’s one of my favourite anime), “rocko’s modern life”, “cow and chicken”, “toxic crusaders” amongst others that I can’t even recall the title but that certainly weren’t the most suited stuff for wee lads. It’s no wonder that I grew with a few loose screws here and there! Even today there are still graphic memories and weird ideas lingering around from those times… XDDD Not that I’m complaining!

But well, the CatDog show was also part of that department of stuff and even for little kids there was one major question that always came to mind, how the hell does it go to la petite maison (aka the bathroom)? Right? Come on, it’s a living being, it eats and drinks like the rest so… You know where I’m going, the same thing was probably on your mind as well! So when I say that the guys from Nerdist/Because Science tried to tackle this tricky question I had to bring it here! I’m still not really convinced and this will probably remain as one of my main existential questions ’till the day I’m out of here but you’re free to share your theories.






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